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Leadership Development 

We offer a variety of seminars, workshops, and specialized experiential learning programs for aspiring and current front line and middle managers.  We also provide professional development opportunities expressly designed for CEOs, senior executives and experienced leaders.


These courses and programs can be specially tailored for a specific organization, or presented in our pre-designed, time-tested format.

Current offerings include 1, 2, 3, and 5 day Seminars and Workshops:

  • Executive Leadership Seminar

  • Foundation for Executive Leadership

  • Leadership for the Middle Manager​

  • Frontline Supervision: Making the Critical Transition

  • Command Development Program [CoDe-P]

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Decision Making

  • Effective Leadership Through Coaching

  • Creativity and Innovation in Leadership

  • Media Relations

  • Ethics & Public Values

  • Integrated Risk Management

  • Leadership Case Studies

Experiential Learning and Staff Rides

The Staff Ride: A Proven Tool for Continuing Executive Development

The “Staff Ride” has a long, distinguished history as an important component in a well-rounded continuing professional leadership development program. Originally developed for military officers, the staff ride concept has been adopted by both the private and public sector – particularly in occupations where managers and leaders confront dynamic and unpredictable situations. They are not 'tours' - rather, they are planned learning events that recreate significant historical events while engaging participants in open reflection and dialogue.

As noted by the Academy of Management Learning & Education, Staff Rides are grounded in "experiential learning theory, the case study, and critical incident methodology.... [They] are unique in engaging participants in active exchange of information, reflective thought, and collective analysis of the event under study."  Academy of Management Learning & Education Vol. 13, No. 4 Research & Reviews, Instructional Staff Rides for Management Learning and Education, Wendy S. Becker and Michael J. Burke, Oct 2013.

Staff Rides are now used for organizational and individual leadership and executive development in not just the military, but throughout the public safety sector, as well as a wide variety of public and corporate entities.

Premier academic institutions have also taken note of the utility of the staff ride in other contexts as well.  The Wharton School of Business and a number of other universities and commercial organizations have adapted the practice for executive management and leadership development training.  "Studying the life and death decisions of military leaders on the very ground where the consequences of those decisions played out is a powerful experience.  When it comes to executive training, corporate staff rides offer an unforgettable set of lessons.”  Wharton Leadership Digest, Steven L. Ossad, Volume 10, Number 4, Jan 2006, 

Evesham Consulting LLC has designed unique learning experiences utilizing these "living classrooms" at locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and selected sites in Europe, including:

  • Battle of  Gettysburg [Gettysburg, PA USA]

  • Battle of Antietam [Sharpsburg, MD USA]

  • Washington's Crossing / Battles of Trenton & Princeton [Mercer County, NJ USA]

  • Battle of Monmouth Court House [Freehold, NJ USA]

  • Saratoga Campaign [Saratoga County, NY & Bennington, VT USA]

  • The Philadelphia Campaign [Delaware County & Philadelphia, PA]

  • Leadership Lessons from the Founders [Philadelphia, PA]

  • Normandy/D-Day [Portsmouth, England & Normandy, France]

  • Battle of the Bulge [Aachen and Hurtgen Forrest, Germany; Ardennes Region, Belgium; and Luxembourg]

  • Dunkirk & The Battle of Britain [London & Kent, England]

Upon request, Staff Ride programs can be developed for locations specifically chosen by the client organization.  

Assessment & Analysis

We will provide a professional Assessment and Analysis of your current "in-house" training courses and systems and provide an objective audit based upon your specific desired outcomes.

We can also conduct a complete Training Needs Analysis specific to your organization.

Train the Trainer

Our team of experts and training associates can provide training for your own ‘in-house’ training team to be better equipped to deliver your own internal leadership and management training. We will also support your training event by observing and making recommendations for improvement, helping to find your ideal solution to impact team development and the bottom line.

For more information or to inquire about our services

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