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Event Construction & Management

We offer full conference and event management services, from a full service event construction and management to provision of specific service(s) pre- and/or during your big event.

Services can include any or all of the following:

  • Budget preparation

  • Site selection / contract negotiation

  • Food and beverage selection

  • Promotional and event materials design

  • Pre-event promotion & registration

  • Agenda construction

  • On-site event management

  • Keynote Presenters & Luncheon Speakers

Association Management Services

We can provide management and operations solutions for associations and other non-profits.  Working together with your leadership, we will customize a plan that works for your organization and lift some (or most, or even all) of the management tasks from your shoulders. 


Conferences are usually an important component of an association's programing and an important source of income.  We can manage any or all of the key functions that are vital to a successful event, such as

  • Venue Sourcing

  • Speaker Management

  • Marketing

  • Catering & AV

  • Promotion

  • On-site event management

Event Management:

  • Training and educational seminars

  • Award dinners / luncheons

  • Monthly/quarterly/annual meetings

  • Board meetings and retreats


  • Newsletters

  • Online "e-newsletters'

  • Conference and event brochures

  • Marketing materials

For more information or to inquire about our services

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